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Button Capital is a community of people who are committed to life sciences and medical technology through searching and investing in right people and right team.

Right People & Right Team - strong curiosity and proactive customer orientation are two key attributes.

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  • 专注


  • 激情


  • 卓越


  • 合作


  • Focus

    We are dedicated to life sciences and medical technology.

  • Passion

    We truly love what we do! We believe that our passion will lead us right into our purpose.

  • Excellence

    We are driven to achieve excellence in our work through persistence and continuous improvement.

  • Collaboration

    We partner with people to create values for the community and achieve a win-win cooperation.

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Button Capital is focused on bringing innovative life sciences and medical technology to where they are needed. We've built three arms to support our vision.

The arm of Investment focuses on facilitating the growth of early stage life sciences ventures.

The arm of Advisory Service to C-Suite focuses on supporting entrepreneurs to explore China market.

The arm of Button Analytics plays a fundamental role in deal souring and market trend analysis via Button's proprietary data platform.

  • 投资


  • 最高管理层的顾问


  • 巴特恩大数据分析


  • Investment

    Early stage ventures

  • Advisory Service to C-Suite

    China market entry

  • Button Analytics

    Deal sourcing and market trend based on
    proprietary data platform

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  • CN: +86 (551) 65870668

    US: +1 (480) 559-4985

  • 中国:合肥市高新技术开发区,基金大厦2A

    美国:2665 Marine Way #1160 Mountain View, CA 94043

  • contact@buttoninvest.com

Our office in US is located at Mountain View, CA. Our office in China is co-located with USTC (University of Science and Technology China) in Hefei, a city famous for its gene of science and education.

  • CN: +86 (551) 65870668

    US: +1 (480) 559-4985

  • CN: Block A, Jijin Mansion, High-tech Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province, China

    US: 2665 Marine Way #1160 Mountain View, CA 94043

  • contact@buttoninvest.com

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